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[Prime-dev] What's up?

From: Gerry Kirk
Subject: [Prime-dev] What's up?
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 13:00:26 +0600 (BDT)

Hi guys,

It seems real quiet out there. Jeff, have you been able to try
working more with CVS?

I have created 3 job positions for the project. I am eager to get
some 'real' progress on the actual product. You can find them on
the savannah site if you are interested or you know someone who
may be. I've called them 'Data Architect', 'UI Architect' and
'Code Architect / Developer'.

I had an excellent meeting with the local PRiMe team last Sunday.
We hadn't met in quite some time, so I wasn't sure how productive
it would be. We discussed a number of issues with the way data
from partners is currently collected. After doing a number of
calculations, we discovered that to start entering all the
detailed data into a system, someone would have to do that full
time! So, we're looking at different options, like reducing the
amount of data collected by reducing the number of partners
(farmers). Everyone seems to want the supervisors to enter and
validate the data collected by people out in the field, which
seems like an excellent idea. Ironically, the supervisors recently
stated that they want to start learning how to use computers. Yup,
up 'til now someone has always typed up stuff for them.

On another note, I downloaded the just released Mozilla 1.0 today.
Very slick browser. I was getting really tired of Internet
Explorer crashes and virus vulnerability updates.


IT Specialist

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