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[Prime-dev] Check it out - found a similar system to PRiMe

From: Gerry Kirk
Subject: [Prime-dev] Check it out - found a similar system to PRiMe
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 12:52:49 +0600 (BDT)

I did some Internet-based research last week, and after _much_ searching,
came across one product that has similar capabilities to PRiMe. The
company, through a non-profit organization connection, is marketing its
product to organizations doing development and relief work by offering a
lower cost license.

Basically, the product is a tool to simplify creating a database
application. They have made it simpler to define data to collect
(entities), enter data (objects), build hierarchical relationships between
data elements (trees) and build simple (one entity) and complex (multi-
entity) queries.

It doesn't do everything that PRiMe sets out to do, but it is an
interesting example of how to enable users to set up and maintain their own

Sadly, the product is dependent on Internet Explorer, which is obvious by
all the links to IE service packs on the main page of their app web site!

The company site is and to try the app go to

Let me know what you think.

IT Specialist
-- "When a ball dreams... it dreams it's a Frisbee"

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