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[pygsear] Re: questions

From: Lee Harr
Subject: [pygsear] Re: questions
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 17:28:46 +0000


Again, sorry for the late response!

I hope Pygsear can help me in solving my two main problems:
scroll speed and background (for large levels, 8000x8000 pixels, scaling
is not an option). I don't think Pygsear can do a lot for me on this,
but if I find a solution myself, I do want to share it. I hope I can
do this through Pygsear, I hope there is a place for e.g. scrolling
code (I have currently solved it with a 'viewport').

I think the best help right now is the pygame list.

I would be glad to look at any code you think is appropriate
for pygsear.

* Is there a pygsear-dev list? If so, this questions reside better

Nope. This is the only list.

* What is the purpose of Cursor.AbstractClassError? It isn't used
     anywhere and it is not an exception since it is not a subclass
     of Exception.

Basically just some unused code. I am still learning a lot of this
as I go along too  :o)

I changed this now, but I may rip it out altogether later...

* Wouldn't properties be useful in the following places:
       * Cursor.Cursor.hotspot
       * Path.Path.position
       * Path.Path.{x,y}
       * Drawable.position

Maybe. Is that a 2.3 thing?

My recent work was to try and unify path.position and
drawble.position as I think that makes it much cleaner.

* Isn't conf.WINSIZE a bad idea? I think for subclasses of Window,
     it can be a good idea to have a default winsize, but wouldn't
     an explicit size for the base class be better for readability,
     portability and maintainability? The same applies to a window

There is a default size (the one set in pygsear.conf)

I think it is a good idea for every module to be able to know where
to look to find the size of the screen.

I am also working now to make it so pygsear.Game.GameConfiguration
can change the size of the screen and save it to some kind of user
preferences file.

[more in another mail...]

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