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[pygsear] Re: questions [2]

From: Lee Harr
Subject: [pygsear] Re: questions [2]
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 17:38:11 +0000

* What is the exact status of pygsear?

Early alpha stage.

All APIs are up for change. If you develop a game which works
with pygsear-0.35 there is a good chance you will need to make
changes to make it work with pygsear-0.36

I try to maintain compatibility, but still I spend a lot of time
rewriting the examples. Mostly it is to refactor things which
occur everywhere to occur once in the library.

* Why don't Widget.SpriteTextButton, Widget.TextInput and others
     use *args instead of those messy argument lists? Is this because
     the defaults may change? Won't we need a more clean way to
     do this?

Hmm. Not sure.

It seems to me that if it used *args I would just need to write
code to set any args that get passed in, so may as well let the
arg passing mechanism do it automatically.

Basically, I want an empty arg list to do something reasonable
for almost any object.

You might want to look at pygsear.Drawable.Drawable.onscreen for
one case where I used **kwargs recently. I think I tend to stay
away from those except for cases where I do not see another way.

I may be wrong, of course :o)

* How about keeping track of the 'frame number' in the Game class,
     so certain timings (reload time, life time) can me measured? This
     should be done in frames, not in seconds, because a delay may
     otherwise mess things up.

I am thinking about some kind of game-wide tick.

I do not think it should be frame dependent though. Of course my
system is very slow, so I may be biased here.

* How many members does pygsear-users have?

3 now, including me ;o)

[more in another mail...]

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