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[pygsear] pygsear-0.46

From: Lee Harr
Subject: [pygsear] pygsear-0.46
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 04:02:19 +0000

pygsear is a programming framework using Python and Pygame. It
includes classes for drawable objects, paths, cursors, widgets
and more, and it comes with a large number of examples. There
is also (experimental) code using Twisted for networking.

More information is available here:

Download the latest version here:

version 0.46
- Major namespace cleanup
  - no more "from ... import *" anywhere
  - pygsear/ no longer imports anything
  - pygsear.locals no longer imports all of pygame.locals
      so you may need to import some things (like key constants)
      explicitly from pygame.locals
- Major change to Screen.setBackground()
  - must supply exactly one keyword arg:
    - filename if you want to load the image automatically
    - img if you have a pygame surface to use for the background
    - tilename if you have a tile you want to load automatically
    - tile if you have a pygame surface to use for a tile
    - color if you want a solid RGB color
- docs now generated by epydoc (epydoc is great! woot!)
- fixed problem with background update thread in
  - only start thread once, not when penguin module gets reload()ed
- added better support for penguin lindenmayer method
- starting some more work on Events... and this needs work

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