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[Social] Status update 2

From: Ian Denhardt
Subject: [Social] Status update 2
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 21:38:59 -0400

Hello All,

Time for another status update. Here's what I did today:

- Photo thumbnails are now cropped, so no more strange black background
  on images that aren't the right aspect ratio.
- Started work on integrating the photos stuff into the database,
  rather than just walking the /file directory and looking at filenames.
- Started work on proper photo uploads, rather than just having them as
  an attachment to a status update. The uploading itself does not yet
- A bit of cleanup.

Again, I've pushed these changes to my personal branch on gitorious.
once I have something relatively stable I'll merge it into the main
gnu-social repo.

Until next time,


-Ian Denhardt

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