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[Speech-reco] Can I copy this code directly?

From: Bill Cox
Subject: [Speech-reco] Can I copy this code directly?
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 08:51:00 -0400

I think the technology in this patent rocks:


In 1978, this guy compressed speech to the most important 4 formants
(poles), plus a second order correction polynomial.  It's based on the
same technology I've been playing with, LPC.  He even does what I
wanted to do, making traces of formant movement over time.  The patent
has expired, which means I can duplicate as much of this work as I
like for free.  Even better, the patent includes an Apendix A, which
is the entire Fortran source code for the algorithm.  I see no
copyright notice on the code.

So, am I actually allowed to copy the Fortran code directly?  Doesn't
putting it in a patent application with no copyright notice place it
into the public domain?  Too bad we don't have blind lawyers on the


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