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Is it too late for a new project?

From: John Gamboa
Subject: Is it too late for a new project?
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 14:20:01 +0200


I'm a computer science student and, as expected, I'm willing to
participate in GSoC this year. Since I really like GNU Make, I though
I could help to improve it. So I went into the GNU Ideas page and I
didn't find any idea for this project. From the ideas page I found the
Guidelines pag [1] and there I found written:

"That is not the only list

There are other lists of things that need to be done on the GNU
project. This list is not intended to replace them. However, the other
task lists are mostly more open-ended, include larger and more complex
tasks, and the tasks on the other lists don't come with a mentor; you
will need to find one, if you need one."

Because of this, I went into the make list and started discussing
about a possible proposal on Make. Anyway, reading the history of this
mailing list, it seemed for me that the Ideas list is already closed
(or, at least, that proposals are available just for the projects
listed). Am I right? Should I continue talking about a proposal in the
GNU Make list? Or GNU Make isn't eligible anymore as a participating
project in GSoC?


John Gamboa

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