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Re: Is it too late for a new project?

From: LRN
Subject: Re: Is it too late for a new project?
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 23:00:36 +0400
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On 25.03.2012 16:20, John Gamboa wrote:
> Hello...
> I'm a computer science student and, as expected, I'm willing to 
> participate in GSoC this year.
> Since I really like GNU Make, I though I could help to improve it.
> So I went into the GNU Ideas page and I didn't find any idea for
> this project.
Probably because no one stepped forward with any ideas for GNU make.
And because no GNU make developers volunteered to be mentors. Or at
least neither of that was made known to GNU GSoC admin(s).
> I went into the make list and started discussing about a possible
> proposal on Make.
That's the right thing to do.
> Anyway, reading the history of this mailing list, it seemed for me
> that the Ideas list is already closed (or, at least, that proposals
> are available just for the projects listed). Am I right?
I'm not sure, but most likely you're wrong. Since ideas may (and
should) be suggested by students themselves, and since that can be
done during the application period (although it's better to do it in
advance), i don't see how it is possible to freeze or close an ideas list.
> Should I continue talking about a proposal in the GNU Make list? Or
> GNU Make isn't eligible anymore as a participating project in
> GSoC?
If a Make developer steps up to take a role of a mentor for your
project (and "steps up" includes registering on GSoC site, AFAIU),
and communicates that to GNU GSoC admin, i don't see why not.
Umbrella organizations have their own deadlines, depending mostly on
the organization's admin(s) to handle things. Although i expect that
the closer the _closing_ day of the students' application period
becomes, the more difficult it will become for GNU projects to get
under GNU umbrella.
Students' application period _opening_ day is March 26 at 19:00 UTC
(that is - tomorrow).
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