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Re: [GSoC Mentors] [Announce] GSoC 2012: Mentor Summit Travel and Deta

From: Jens Elsner
Subject: Re: [GSoC Mentors] [Announce] GSoC 2012: Mentor Summit Travel and Details
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 15:24:27 +0200
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Hi Jose,

> I have to disagree with you here: I think the fairest way to go about this
> is to have a random drawing among all interested active mentors for
*both* slots.
> I don't see why any specific sub-organization should be preferred, do you?
> I don't get your point.
> There is not such a thing as a "sub-organization" in the SoC program. The
> organization which will be represented by the two delegates at the
mentors summit
> is the GNU Project, not a single GNU program
> participating under the GNU umbrella.

De jure there is just one GNU organization, de facto we had 24
sub-projects competing for students and slots.

> To me it makes perfect sense for the organization admin (who is the
person who
> represents and takes responsibility on the organization during the
program) to
> continue representing it in the summit unless she cannot attend for some

Let's agree to disagree. It's your call, I still think it's unfair to all

For next year it would be nice to have a clear set of internal
GNU GSoC rules drawn out before the start of the program, so that all
sub-projects know how things go. We had a lot of confusion in April and now
again - this can be avoided.

By the way - would it be possible to get the Google mentoring money for
the GNU Radio sub-project to fund a student GSoC student to attend the GNU
conference this September to present his results?

> By the way, do you want to attend the summit?  In that case, did you
attend it before?

No, unfortunately I don't have time. I never attended (this is my first
GSoC year),
but indeed it sounds like great fun.

Best regards,

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