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Re: [GSoC Mentors] [Announce] GSoC 2012: Mentor Summit Travel and Detail

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [GSoC Mentors] [Announce] GSoC 2012: Mentor Summit Travel and Details
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 19:06:16 +0200
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    First let's see if we find a way to pick up the two attendees 
    for the GSoC meeting.

At the moment the persons wanting to attend are:

  - Jordi G.H.
  - Giuseppe Scrivano.
  - Micah Cowan.
  - Bastien.

I will wait until tomorrow Saturday 16:00 UTC.  Then the list of
interested people will be considered closed.

It is a fact that regardless the criteria used to choose the person
someone will complain: if a pseudo-random number is used then it will be
"too trivial".  If some other criteria is used then it will be "unfair".

That is why I will take a decision and then post it to this very list
along with the criteria used (random or not random) at Sunday 16:00

Note that afterwards I will ignore _any_ complain, so if you want to
suggest an election method or some criteria please do it now.

Jose E. Marchesi
GNU Project    

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