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[swarm-hackers] Tcl/Tk 8.5 and BLT 2.4 or 3.0 (trunk)

From: Marcus G. Daniels
Subject: [swarm-hackers] Tcl/Tk 8.5 and BLT 2.4 or 3.0 (trunk)
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 20:50:23 -0600
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fyi, Tcl/Tk 8.5 and BLT just don't place nice. This is mainly relevant to people upgrading to Fedora 9 or similar that ship Tcl/Tk 8.5. I'd suggest save yourself the significant pain and just install Tcl/Tk 8.4.19 and build BLT 2.4 from source. To make this work, put the `bin' directory of the local Tcl/Tk 8.4 first in your PATH and also configure Swarm with --with-bltdir=. I suggest just making a separate install location for different versions of Swarm and dumping all of Tcl/Tk/BLT/Swarm into that directory.

E.g. configure Tcl, Tk, BLT, and Swarm with --prefix=$HOME/packages/swarm. IIRC also add --exec-prefix=$HOME/packages/swarm to the BLT build. At some point we may need to patch BLT... Seems like some of the porting work is done, but it isn't even in the trunk of BLT yet. The partial patches I found were just in the BLT SRPM for Fedora 9. <argh>


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