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[swarm-hackers] Compiling CVS Swarm in ia64 system

From: Robson França
Subject: [swarm-hackers] Compiling CVS Swarm in ia64 system
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 13:42:33 -0300

Hello everyone,

I'm a master's student at Universidade Federal do ABC (ABC Federal
University), located in Santo André - Brazil. I'm trying to compile
Swarm in a ia64-SuSE-based Server. I don't have superuser (root)
rights, but I can request software installations or upgrades.

After some time setting things up (especially the make files thanks to
autogen.sh), I got stuck with emacs and Java stubs compilation.
When the make runs emacs in order to modify some files (since I don't
need GUI and I've disabled with the '--disable-gui' option in
the compilation gets frozen and a message appears:
"Activity failed"

I tried to skip this command line. However, it seems that this part is
really important.

Thanks in advance

Robson Franca
Master's Student at
ABC Federal University (Universidade Federal do ABC)
Santo André - São Paulo - Brazil

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