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Re: [swarm-hackers] Google Summer of Code

From: Haruka Matsuzaki
Subject: Re: [swarm-hackers] Google Summer of Code
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 10:22:41 +0900

Hello, I'm sorry my response was very late.
I was living and working on the project though...

> I understand you to mean something like:
> 1 we use Mongrel to serve the AJAX code
now I'm using script/server script to launch server...

> 2 there is a small local sqllite db to handle authorisation, sessions, state
> etc.
Yes, sql part is inevitable, but I didn't spend much time on this.
I was planning to expand onto this after I've made a one-session version...

> 3 there is some Ruby/Rails code which:
>        a.  Puts up the control interface in the browser/xulrunner.....  to
> manipulate files, start and stop model runs
I have not tried web toolkits yet, and for now
  <%= link_to_remote "description", :url => { :action => function_to_call }%>
for sending message to server and
  :update => 'where_message_showsup'
  <div id='where_message_showsup'></div>
for showing its response.
But there is a change to be made on the SwarmXMLRPCServer's side yet,
(It doesn't attach "HTTP/1.1 200 Ok. etc..." to its xml message)
and we might not be able to run rails app till I've altered it properly...
and we also have to make proxy for window objects like worldRaster on the

>        b.  talks to the XML-RPC interface of the running
real time messaging from the server is still I'm considering how to actualize...

>        c.  Puts up probe maps  and graphs as required by the model and/or
> the user.
To do this, I think the server must register a special object at
CreateEnd to store
the information what client look like.
But the server appears now unable to communicate via HTTP properly,
so in anyway what I must dig in will be here...



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