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[Taler] how to kickstart a minimal viable Taler system setup?

From: trailblazr
Subject: [Taler] how to kickstart a minimal viable Taler system setup?
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 13:15:11 +0100
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first things first:

big thanks a lot to the person...
...who fixed the https://api.taler.net so that I can now actually read
it instead of getting 404's.


just started cloning the repos & reading the API documentation...

i would like to setup a minimal viable taler system (mvts) to check out
and demonstrate its principles on a Linux (Mint 18) machine. i.e. i want
to operate a bank, a merchant and a customer.

i know how to operate an apache via WSGI to run e.g. python web
applications based on Flask usng an sqlite and i know e.g. how to write
python scripts to get things done. from time to time i also do the
./configure.sh & make install thingy, but i am not very proficient in
doing C-coding on linux.

can anyone give me a clue / headstart where to begin with?

1. is there already a small script to setup such a system?

2. which system requirements exist or are absolutely mandatory to not
get in trouble later on?

3. should i create a complete fresh linux just for the purpose of trying
this out because things at the core (e.g. networking) need to be tweaked
or can i just go ahead and install this on my machine in a simple folder?

as soon as i managed to setup the minimum viable system on my machine i
would like to document the process and hold a small presentation in my
hackerspace how this stuff works and what it does.

greetings from bremen/germany,

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