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[Taler] Website update

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: [Taler] Website update
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2017 17:57:10 +0100
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Hi all,

After last weeks bigger taler.net Web site changes (mostly) by Florian
and myself, Sva and Marcello went again over the text and left us with a
bunch of additional comments in e-mail or on IRC.  I think this has
resulted in a significantly more understandable (and better-looking)
site (so thanks), but the latest comments suggest more could be done.

I've address the "obvious" ones (https://stage.taler.net/ has always the
current Git master), but a few things are left for discussion; I'm
quoting the full list below, grouped roughly by page.

My suggestion is that you all:
1) decide some fix/improvement is obvious and beyond question and just
do it;
2) decide some suggestion needs real work and discussion and more time
and file it on Mantis to track and discuss there;
3) just launch a discussion on any point raised if you feel you have
something constructive to add, ideally in the form of a diff ;-).

Finally, I hope that we can declare the revision semi-stable in the next
few days and would then encourage people to assist with translations.
I'll send out another e-mail with instructions for help with
translations soon-ish.

Now, without further ado, the IRC comments (reordered and condensed as I
addressed quite a few already):

07:15 < sva> general:
07:16 < sva> is it now a concious decision to have the reader addressed
as "you" by merchant and citizen?
11:36 < sva> "about" would need some intro-blabla linking to the other
pages OR renamed into "team"?
11:50 < sva> addition to 11:36, about: that site could also get a link
to /press
11:37 < sva> "contact" could have a section with "general inquieries" or
"general contact with address@hidden
11:41 < sva> the last section could also have address@hidden in
addition, and a link to /investors
11:50 < sva>  /press might be btw rather called /media, then one can
also link the talks and slides there.

# FIXME, main site's bar on top says "merchants" "citizens" "governmets",
# omitting "customers".  Apart from that, just by saying "merchants" it is
# not 100% clear that the meaning is "Taler as seen from merchants", or
# "click here if you're a merchant".


07:30 < sva> citizens:
07:36 < sva> at the bottom: it might make sense to add the numbers of
each step into the text like: "... to the taler exchange (1). the wire
transfer ... after the wire
             tranfer is complete (2), the .... coins (3)."
07:36 < sva> it might be tricky at some spots but then rather changing
the text a bit?
07:45 < sva> regarding the numbers in the picture: in the merchant
section you restart the numbering, and deleted the citizen ones. in the
citizen section you display all
             of them.
07:47 < sva> (1) at least it should be consistent. but to understand the
whole process, doesnt matter if i as a reader had clicked on citizen or
merchant, i propose (2) to
             just let the numbers be, but highlight in "citizen"
somewhat 1.-4. (eh bolding them, and greying the rest, or some colours
or so)
07:47 < sva> same other way round then for merchants


07:55 < sva> merchants:
07:56 < sva> i dont like the with/without in the first paragraph. dont
even know why. maybe s/with/on/ works, too?
07:58 < sva> section fast: "due to the mental overhead". not a native
speaker, but "mental overhead" isnt that a bit too much? maybe
interpreting it wrong.
07:59 < sva> either way, it might also good to point on the "costs
overhead" with creditcards for small payments

09:11 < sva> hm... the numbering might get even more tricky here. was
just a proposal (like everything, anyway!) so maybe worth skipping it...
but on the other hand its
             also worth to change the text accordingly, to have a docu
for the pic.
09:12 < sva> also in perspective of barrierefreiheit, forgot the english
word, like, for blind ppl reading the website etc


09:17 < sva> gov:

11:04 < sva> also, mentioning that there is no such thing as mining
costs having to be carried and paid by the whole economy
11:04 < sva> i think i read it somewhere else, as sentence on that - on
the flyer maybe?
11:06 < sva> nack, not flyer, just checked. will point on it if i re-see
it :)


11:48 < sva> architecture:
11:49 < sva> could get the texts from /citizens and /merchants, just a
copy. especially if you guys decide on the number-in-the-text idea :)


11:52 < sva> developers:
11:53 < sva> nice-to-have would be a general intro text of a few
sentences, like all the other pages that style have, too

12:01 < sva> the last three in green part: nice to have would be some
more words for non-devs, what those things mean.

12:02 < sva> taler system overview: is this by purpose the "old
triangle"? also that one could also somehow go/be copied to /architecture?

12:11 < sva> 3. has the term "merchant portal" haven't seen it anywhere
else before, but it might help to solve the "payment service provider"
confusion from above?
12:14 < sva> in general the texts could help to improve the texts on
/citizens and /merchants for the adding-numbers-thing.

Happy hacking!


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