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[Taler] Online wallets

From: Noufal Ibrahim
Subject: [Taler] Online wallets
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:39:36 +0530

Hello everone,
   I have a series of questions about Taler. I'll send them as separate threads for convenience.

   As I understand, the wallet itself is on the phone or computer of the user. This is like a physical wallet and if I lose my phone or computer, I lose the money I've withdrawn. I want to make something a little more resilient. DOes it make sense to have a copy of the wallet on a server that it synced to a local device when I connect? If I spend something but then try to get the old copy from the server and respend it, the exchange will tell the merchant that it's already spent so there won't be any problems there as far as I can tell.
   This would be as simple as syncing a file. Wouldn't  it?


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