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[Taler] Taler with multiple currencies

From: Noufal Ibrahim
Subject: [Taler] Taler with multiple currencies
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:48:46 +0530

Hello everyone,
    I'm investigating an application where I put money into an account in one currency but spend it in another. Legal issues aside, I'm interested in knowing whether this is technically possible with Taler. I'm thinking of a system like this

             [Merchant] <- [User wallet] <-> [Exchange]    --- [CLEARING HOUSE] --- [Exchange] <-> [User wallet] -> [Merchant]

    The left of the clearing house will operate on currency A and the right on currency B. The clearing house will take care of exchange rates and take money out of the exchange on the right and put it in the exchange on the left. With this setup, can I operate two wallet sets each with different currencies?



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