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Re: [Taler] wire_fee date in the future

From: Marcello Stanisci
Subject: Re: [Taler] wire_fee date in the future
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 16:52:49 +0100
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Hi Hadruki,

this is just a guess: it sounds reasonable that until Feb 1st you don't
have valid fees,
assuming that those from the 2017 expired on Dec 31st.  And it also
sounds reasonable
that the exchange looks "forward" rather than backwards to see if valid
fees exist.

My suggestion is to set that wire_fee_start_date to "now" and try again.

On 01/10/2018 03:28 PM, Hadruki wrote:
> Hi list
> I'm running a local exchange (demo) instance which I build from source.
> It used to work but I must have messed up something recently.
> When I want to spend coins I get the message (from the merchant
> backend) "Exchange's earliest fee is x days adhead of our time. Clock
> skew issue?" ( x being 22 yesterday )
> Both the exchange and the merchant run on the same server. The
> postgres db runs on a different server. The dates on both servers are
> correct.
> If I query /wire the list of fees show that indeed my 2018 wire_fee
> start_date is 
> "start_date": "/Date(1517443200)/" Feb 1, 2018 GMT, right?
> In my configuration I have
> wire-fee-2017 = EUR:0.10
> wire-fee-2018 = EUR:0.10
> wire-fee-2019 = EUR:0.10
> wire-fee-2020 = EUR:0.10
> closing-fee-2017 = EUR:0.10
> closing-fee-2018 = EUR:0.10
> closing-fee-2019 = EUR:0.10
> closing-fee-2020 = EUR:0.10
> The 2017 values seem to be ignored (sounds reasonable) because GET
> /wire only responds with 3 "wire_fee" entries.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!

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