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[Traverso-devel] Re: Traverso-devel Digest, Vol 27, Issue 1

From: Rick Peacock
Subject: [Traverso-devel] Re: Traverso-devel Digest, Vol 27, Issue 1
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 22:15:48 +0100

Hello Rick,

I've just discovered Traverso after looking for a free audio editor to
use at my work. I have to say I'm blown away by the quality and
useability -

I'm glad you like it :)

the ability to edit audio on the fly and the contextual
keyboard interface is fantastic and has huge potential. The more I
used it the more I wondered why all apps don't work like this, and
have always followed the keyboard is faster than mouse philosophy.

I suppose it's due the 'defacto standard', people are used to a certain way of working, imposed upon them by certain software vendor(s), and it takes time
to learn another way of working which most people don't like.
On the other hand, those people who do take the time quickly recognize the
power of the interface used by Traverso :D

Obviously, Traverso is not finished yet (and never will like all software programs I suppose), however, the current interface philosophy seems to work

The reason for this post, apart from to praise and pass respect to the
developers, is I would very much like to get involved with the
development of this project. I haven't worked on an open source
project before so don't know how you go about these things - I hope
this post is the right way. I have 5 years part-time software
development experience using C++, Objective-C, OpenGL, Core Audio,
DirectX on OS X and Win32. I mainly develop now on the Mac. I have 10
years experience working in music technology education using all the
major commercial DAW's so know what makes a good DAW, from my opinion
and observing students working with them. From this experience I think
I could offer help programming, ideas for features/structure,
graphics, testing and documentation.

Wow, that's an impressive CV, seems you're certainly qualified for the job :)

Development happens with open source tools, like ccmake for the build system, make to actually compile the software, certain libs Traverso depends on, a
list is available on the website, and gcc (g++) to compile.
I myself use KDevelop as IDE but you're free to use your own favorite one of

Getting involved into an open source project almost always happens by
submitting patches to the author of the project, and when those look
promising, a cvs account is created for you.

This is how I/we work too. So, if there is anything you want to work on right now, please go ahead, ask as many questions as you like, either via the
mailing list, or on irc channel #traverso
Create a cvs checkout of traverso (have a look on the savannah page how to do that), start hacking, and afterwards create a diff of your work and send it
to me.

If you don't know where to start, or what to work on, then I can see if there
is something to start on. (lots of things actually!)

There are many areas where my knowledge falls short, or where I don't have the right tools, e.g. in respect to the Mac OS X and Windows ports, Core Audio,
and a decent way to implement routing. (It took Ardour people years to
implement it in a stable way (?) so.....)

Thanks for your interest, and I'm looking forward to your patches ;)


Thanks Remon, I'll follow your advice and be in touch as I progress; probably quite slowly at first :)


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