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[Traverso-devel] Hello

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: [Traverso-devel] Hello
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 20:38:57 +0200
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Hello John,

> Hi there.  I'm a C++ developer with experience of DAW design and file
> interchange formats (mostly, the 'pro' ones, like OMF and AAF).  I came
> across Traverso by accident, this morning.
> Traverso looks highly interesting although it's clearly in the formative
> stages of its development.  I wondered if I could make a few constructive
> suggestions?  


> Firstly, on the "Getting Involved" web page, it would be 
> handy if you could give potential devs an idea about the basic needs for
> contributing to Traverso.  For example, which compilers are supported?  Is
> development done using command-line tools or via an IDE?  What 3rd party
> libraries are needed etc?

OK, I see. Makes sense indeed. Will try to improve it.

> Also, if you haven't already considered it, I would very, very, VERY
> strongly recommend that you take a look at the Ardour project.  

I looked a lot at it :D

> It's 
> another cross-platform DAW – but only for OS-X and Linux (no Windows
> version, although they've been promising one for years).  Ardour is also
> GPL licensed so this might offer a quick route to getting new features into
> Traverso.  In particular, I'd recommend taking a look at the Ardour session
> (i.e. project) format.  Like Traverso's, it's XML based and is remarkably
> similar to a Traverso project.  

Traverso's format was modelled after Ardours one....

> It's more comprehensive of course – because 
> Ardour has been around for a long time and already has things like
> automation, VST support and a built-in mixer.  The basic principles however
> are essentially similar to those of Traverso.  If you could adopt Ardour's
> session format, you might benefit greatly.  

As you say, Ardour has a lot more stuff, but a basic import of an Ardour 
session should be possible for sure. However, no routing abilities in 
Traverso, plugins are manages differently iirc, so I wonder what exactly are 
we going to import?
Traverso has no Buses right no, so how exactly would an Ardour import look 
like ?
If you have ideas or suggestions, I'll very much welcome them. Some other 
people allready recommended creating an Ardour import thing, but after asking 
how that would work, it remained silent...

> For example, I've already 
> designed a plug-in for Ardour which allows it to import AAF files. 
> Compatibility would therefore allow Traverso to import projects from other
> systems, such as Pro Tools and Nuendo.

That would be great indeed.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, very helpful. If you happen to have some 
time and want to share ideas/suggestions as how to implement your ideas 
and/or make use of your AAF plugin..... 

> Good luck with the Traverso project.

Thanks :D

Best wishes,


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