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Re: [Traverso-devel] Request for comment: tracks folder views

From: JC Cheloven
Subject: Re: [Traverso-devel] Request for comment: tracks folder views
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 02:22:20 +0200

Hi all,

The good news:  'child views' for Sheets work now in git, maybe a couple of
rough edges are left, but the basics work :)

SHIFT + N : create new child view
CTRL + Delete: close currently viewed child view

CTRL + T : add tracks from the parent sheet
Delete: when in Track context (track is highlighted): remove that track from
the child view.

The latter 2 are the usual way of adding/removing tracks from a normal sheet,
I figured it made sense to re-use those.

Tried it. Seem to work great! Thanks again, remon !
- Note: <<R>> works as well (as delete) to elliminate a track from the child view.
- Rough edge: in the child view, when zooming horizontally, the obsolete positions of the play & work cursors remain drawn in the empty zone below the tracks.

> --> "Synchronize or not feature": Great! Why the same thing seems different
> depending on the name given to it? lol

Currently horizontal scrollbar, Playhead and Work Cursor position by default
are synced. Let's see how that works out, and if you guys think you miss the
'unsynced' behavior, just let me know.

> --> Dockable widget containig the list of sheets and their views: I also
> think it's a good idea. Flexibility often is ;-) Also, in my mind the
> widget could be hidden, just as the other widgets.

Also still on the TODO list. Hiding that dockwidget hmm, depends on how your
setup looks, else it's hard to easily browse to a specific view :)
I'm currently in favor of using a toolbar for it, but it should be as easy to
move it to a dockwidget if the need arises.
For now, it's all in the same tab bar.

My most sincere opinion: forget about all this for now. It's not that bad as it is! It would be more beneficial to concentrate the efforts in poslishing I/O and keyboard navigation (with the features they have now), fixing some minor bugs and display issues, and letting the world know that T is alive and healthy. That is, that the 0.8 release (or whatever) is an important milestone, but just a milestone, because the development is going on and more improvements are to be expected in the middle-term future.
Otherwise, I'm affraid the next release of T will be 3.17, and take place in 2022 :)

Note from my alter ego: don't pay much attention to this spanish boy: he always underlines his mere oppinions with some exaggeration ;)

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