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[Web-trans] Real Estate Investment Software

From: Real Estate Investment Software - InvestSoft
Subject: [Web-trans] Real Estate Investment Software
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 12:41:49 -0800


Real Estate Investment Software

Real Estate Sales & Investors,

Real Estate Investment Software is designed to help the investor who needs to understand the big picture precisely in order to maximize their return on investment, purchases, sales, manage property and lease tracking analysis. Investment forecasting models help investors to better understand returns and how to achieve those results. This software will help individuals fluctuate mortgage loan variables, interest rates, depreciation values, taxes, vacancies, rental income, escalation rates, cap rates and perform precise calculations used for different investment scenarios, property management and real estate sales. Presentation reports for property analysis. Forward email to individuals that may have an interest in understanding more about investment software and investment property forecasting.

Real Estate Sales Investors Purchases Property Management
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RIS Technology - InvestSoft

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