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Re: [Websec-users] Anybody here?

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: [Websec-users] Anybody here?
Date: Fri Dec 6 04:43:04 2002
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I'm here, I'm the one who tried to revive websec and updated it with
fixes that were in the Debian package of websec. I still have a few
patches waiting to be added, I'm lacking time to do much so everything
is slow.

There will hardly be anything big, unless someone will step up to do it.
I'm mostly interested in distributing fixes to a wider audience than
Debian users alone.

Can you document what layout changes were needed? I only knew the Debian
package and thus it's what I always had. I'd like to document the needed
changes so that other users will have it easier.

The error messages that you give are not in the sources that I have, so
maybe you have an old version of webdiff lying around in somce obscure

websec places these files there, and calls webdiff to actually do the

I have no other clue for now, I'll try to see what I can see.

You may want to file this bug report on the savannah web page, there is
a bug tracker there and it would help to keep bug reports in it.


* Trevor Boicey <address@hidden> [021206 11:14]:
>    Is this list alive?
>    I have used 1.3.4 for a long time, and thought it was dead.
>    I was surprised to see 1.4.0 come out, so I installed it. It took a 
> bit to get it working, because a lot of the file layout bits are 
> different. (like using .websec and not finding webdiff in .)
>    Anyways, I had it working, cronned, but it periodically fails with 
> something like:
> unable to find /home/tboicey/.websec/index.html
> unable to find /home/tboicey/.websec/retreive.html
>   ...except it only happens occasionally when cronned, so it's hard to 
> debug. I think it's a webdiff issue, does websec put the old and new 
> files in those locations and then diff them?
>   Anyways, I reverted back for now, no biggie I didn't notice anything 
> new with 1.4 anyways.
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Baruch Even

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