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RE: [Websec-users] updates

From: Adam Stanley
Subject: RE: [Websec-users] updates
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 17:16:59 -0600

>> Right now I'm the only one doing work on websec, and I do very little
>> work. I have some patches that I need to integrate so it will take me
>> time to get to your changes, but they do look interesting.
>    I don't have time right now to take on changes, but I do use websec
> and expect to be around the group as long as it's alive.
>    Long term, I may look at working on the code if needed.

Thanks for the responses.  I'm curious to know what functionality change you
guys have been working on.  I can upload my new code (and new url.list) but
I'm not sure what the format should be.  Do I just upload the code and let you
guys figure it out, or should I zip everything together with an explaination
and test URLs?  (I've never used Savannah or SourceForge and I suck at CVS.)


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