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[Websec-users] websec feature request

From: Taras
Subject: [Websec-users] websec feature request
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 23:14:21 +0400


For good or for bad most of the web sites nowadays use graphics
It is usually more convenient to watch a site with included images
Some of them even are useless without images, like daily comics and/or
blogs like livejournal, etc

that's way I'd like websec to download images from <img> tags.
this is not hard to do, but it can't be implemented just like a single
patch and requires your attention

I know of two possible ways to do it
1. start external program on some sites, like wget
2. download all files from <img> tags, save them to ./images/ and relink
html to local files. may be it would be nice to send these images to
email also

number 1 is not what we want because it will generally change the way
websec works and the whole idea it was about

number 2 requires a patch and perhaps a new dependency , on URL::Link or
something like that

I can create a patch to save all images to
~/.websec/arhive/images/[prefix] if DownloadImages=1 in config

but right now I do not know how to send them in email so they will be
accessible to email viewer and shown properly ?

and I need something like a 'frozen' version for a couple of days, so I
can play with it

waiting for your answer


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