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Re: [Websec-users] websec feature request

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: [Websec-users] websec feature request
Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 12:14:03 +0300
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Most of the sites I see are text only, or the images do not matter
(joelonsoftware.com has an occassional filler image). Though I can
understand the interest in having the images too for heavy graphic

It is not hard to simply download the images, it is slightly more work
to change image links to point to them, but not much work.

Sending the image with the graphics (option 2) is probably the best, it
will also require sending a MIME mail with the HTML and the images, it
will need to be researched. But I believe Perl already has the
appropriate modules to send such mails.

Right now the HTML mail is not even a MIME mail, but simply the HTML as
the text of the mail.

I'd be happy if you can provide a patch, no need to wait for a frozen
version, simply take the latest version (but not the snapshot), and use
that. When you are finished, you can either merge the changes of the
latest version at that time, or send me the diff against the version you
worked on and I'll integrate it. I'm doing just that for patches from
Adam Stanley at this time.


* Taras <address@hidden> [030508 22:38]:
> hello
> For good or for bad most of the web sites nowadays use graphics
> It is usually more convenient to watch a site with included images
> Some of them even are useless without images, like daily comics and/or
> blogs like livejournal, etc
> that's way I'd like websec to download images from <img> tags.
> this is not hard to do, but it can't be implemented just like a single
> patch and requires your attention
> I know of two possible ways to do it
> 1. start external program on some sites, like wget
> 2. download all files from <img> tags, save them to ./images/ and relink
> html to local files. may be it would be nice to send these images to
> email also
> number 1 is not what we want because it will generally change the way
> websec works and the whole idea it was about
> number 2 requires a patch and perhaps a new dependency , on URL::Link or
> something like that
> I can create a patch to save all images to
> ~/.websec/arhive/images/[prefix] if DownloadImages=1 in config
> but right now I do not know how to send them in email so they will be
> accessible to email viewer and shown properly ?
> and I need something like a 'frozen' version for a couple of days, so I
> can play with it
> waiting for your answer
> Taras
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