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Ignoring unimportant Blocks

From: Sven Dawitz
Subject: Ignoring unimportant Blocks
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 19:40:32 +0200
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I use websec for quite a while now - and it is great ...

now i have a problem i cant solve - unfortunately i couldn't search the 
maillinglist-archive and the manpages didn't serve me well too - so i hope to 
get an answer here.

the webpage, which concerns, is http://www.unf-unf.de - see this page for the 
layout - even if you dont speak german

what i wanna reach is getting mails if a new entry is made in the list below 
the news section!

unfortuantly the news-section is updated sometimes even there are no new links 
(currently, the news section is very short - but sometimes there is a long text 
- so Tmin wont work here)

so - is there a way in websec to ignore complete blocks ? in my sample 
ignore.list (debian "apt-get install websec"-version) are only some date
examples with \d+ in it - and the manpage doesnt say much about the 
ignore-syntax (is there a \s+ etc ?)

any ideas how i could ignore the news-block and still monitor the link list 
would be great.


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