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Re: Ignoring unimportant Blocks

From: Sven Dawitz
Subject: Re: Ignoring unimportant Blocks
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 20:05:24 +0200
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> If you could send a few html pages that show what you exactly need I
> could try to write the ignore settings.
thanks! that would be great! i collect the data an will send it to the list as 
soon as i have it (might take some days)

> The \d+ is regular expression speak for 'at least one digit but maybe
> more'. \d is short for all digits 0 to 9 and + means at least one.
> \s+ would mean one or more spaces.
of course! how silly of me! it is perl! i thought of a weired c %d syntax at 
first! that explains the "missing" documentation ;-)

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