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Re: New feature discussion

From: Dan Rose
Subject: Re: New feature discussion
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 13:10:43 -0500
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2) TrackEngine looks great but it appears that in order to work, they have to store my passwords to my pages that require passwords: ouch!
    Thanks Goodness for websec running on local linux server.

3) Addressee support works great on websec in url.list. I have different pages going to different individuals or even different groups of people.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Adam Stanley wrote:
A few things things that I've been thinking about

1) Can WebDiff do a better job of diff-ing?  How?  Well, I'm sure sure.  I've
gotten the impression that it's based on the HTML tags, but I've never looked
to see how complete the list is.

2) A long time ago, WebSec turned into the commercial web offering
TrackEngine.  I love it's interface.  It would be great to have something like
that to do the configuration of what you are tracking.  Also, the emails from
TrackEngine have some good header information that sent as well.

3) Addressee and date support in url.list entry.  There are some entries that
I'd only like to execute on certain days, and certain entries should go to
certain individuals.  I know that you could just create different url.list and
set up more scheduler entries, but that gets a bit messy.  Plus, I don't run
websec on my own computer... I do it as an ISP, so I don't always have access
to cron, so getting websec to start is a bit difficult at times.

4) How about creating RSS output instead of email?


Adam Stanley

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