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Re: Ignore list

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: Ignore list
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 12:58:22 +0200
User-agent: mutt-ng/devel-r804 (Debian)

* Luca <address@hidden> [070216 10:43]:
> Hi all,
> first thanks for the very nice program.
> I have a page
> http://www.crema.unimi.it/Web.asp?Tipo=23&Area=5
> that at the bottom contains this damn
> Questa Pagina ? stata visitata da
> 2466
> it's just a counter. I tried adding "visitata da" in the ignorl.list
> in the General section and adding  Ignore = General but I still get
> updates...Can anyone help me?

You need something called a regular expression to cover the number as
well, so the string you need is: "visitata da \d+"

The \d means number and + means at least one character or more. So it
covers any string which has any number after the visitata da part.


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