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[Xouvert-general] Feature Request: Multiple Simultaneous Logins

From: Milo Hyson
Subject: [Xouvert-general] Feature Request: Multiple Simultaneous Logins
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 14:37:31 -0700
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I don't know how many times someone here in the lab has bitched at me for locking a terminal and walking away from it for a few minutes. For security reasons we need to, but I understand the inconvenience of having to track the person down just to type in their password. What's needed is the ability to allow multiple people to simultaneously log-in to a system and easily be able to switch contexts to another user. WinXP already has this feature and I've heard that Apple is working on it for OSX. I talked with a few people in the XFree86 project who told me the security model (or rather the lack of one) would not permit such a feature as it would be all too easy for software to see what's on someone else's desktop and windows.

If Xouvert is being taken in radically new directions, I think this is one that needs to be seriously considered.

Milo Hyson
CyberLife Labs

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