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Re: [xougen] Arch specific optimizations [XAA]

From: Cameron
Subject: Re: [xougen] Arch specific optimizations [XAA]
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 19:34:25 -0800

Rasterman was using an nvidia card with nvidia's drivers. That was what the
big deal was about.
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Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 5:23 AM
Subject: Re: [xougen] Arch specific optimizations [XAA]

> emmanuel ALLAUD wrote:
> >    Hi all,
> >I've read on this list (was RENDER extension thread)
> >that part of XFree were actually much slower than
> >imlib2 IIRC. The problems boiled down to the fact that
> >imlib2 uses MMX or other x586 specific asm
> >instructions which allowes to be like 3 times faster
> >(this is not an average, I don't think there is a
> >global benchmark).
> >My question is is that feasible (and desirable) to
> >borrow some of this code (perhaps also from others
> >good image manipualtion libs) and use it in XFree.
> >I know this will be more troubles for portability, but
> >if the functions to be arch-specific are well chosen
> >(that's the hard part) ie only a few small functions
> >with well determined purpose, this would give us good
> >optimization without much hassle for the portability
> >(the fallback being the old function if the arch has
> >no specific version of the opt. function).
> >Bye
> >Manu
> >
> >
> First of all: slashdot is great, isn't it? ;)
> Second: x586 is not an architecture, but it should be pretty obvious
> what you actually meant. ;)
> And finally: That article was indeed a comparison between Rasterman's
> IMLib 2 and XRender. The problem, however, was that XRender wasn't
> accelerated by most video drivers and thus not at all. It doesn't even
> use architecture specific optimizations, or it would've been as fast as
> IMLib. If I recall correctly, only nvidia and some other card's drivers
> have accelerated XRender. It would indeed be very nice to have this
> accelerated by the video drivers and possibly using OpenGL as described
> on the wiki somewhere. Architecture specific optimizations sound
> interesting too. Software XRender is one of the things we can optimize
> with this, I guess. (for X servers using VESA and the likes) I think we
> can definitly use some of IMLib's code for that and maybe even ask
> Rasterman himself to help. Portability shouldn't be a problem: it should
> be possible to just have it detect the architecture at some point,
> either at runtime or during the build process. An option for runtime
> would be nice for distributions.
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