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[xougen] spanish translation

From: Johann Henriquez L.
Subject: [xougen] spanish translation
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 18:22:34 GMT

Hi to everyone,

I was following the beginning of this project since the news in slashdot and xwin, and i like it a lot. I'm really interested in the Xouvert project, and i want to join it translating documents (FAQ, HowTo) and the web page to the spanish language. And if the code have i18n (internationalization), for example error message ("no screen found") or message in general (e.g. "user:", "password:" in the xdm), i would like to translate that too at the style of KDE and GNOME. Maybe if is too much to translate, begin a spanish translation team (like KDE or GNOME have it).
is there any interest?
who am i talk to begin translating the web page or something else?
which will be the method (where to upload, etc) to start doing this?

btw: i'm suscribed in the mailing-list.
Johann Henriquez Lucero
ICQ #137470123   GNU/Linux user #279323
Debian 'Sid' http://www.debian.org/

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