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[xougen] Request for a document on X for newbies

From: suman
Subject: [xougen] Request for a document on X for newbies
Date: 06 Sep 2003 01:04:25 +0530

Hi all,
can any one write a document on how to start working on X for newbies
and it helps newbies understand things a lot better than it is now
reading random material.
If it can be approximately equal to a step by step intro to X it would
be very helpful and we can spend our time in a better way and contribute
something  back to the project.
As pointed out someone on the list pointed out that u can start with 
1)Read about the X server basic docs
2)orielly's book 
etc and also if it can include some famous failed attempts and the
projects which are related to X then it would be great.

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