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RE: [xougen] FAQ and Wiki

From: David Ross
Subject: RE: [xougen] FAQ and Wiki
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:15:19 -0700

Hi Seth,

Thank you for your suggestions, and I am the FAQ maintainer.  I'll
incorporate your suggestions into the next version of the FAQ which I
hope to have out this weekend.  I have been killer busy with moving,
work and school this past month.  My apologies to all for not having the
FAQ updated sooner.  

We had a more open Wiki, but it was getting vandalized.  Our Wiki space
is kindly provided by the people at freedestop.org and I don't what our
other Wiki options are.  What are the opinions of the others on the list
about this?

Please feel free to contact me directly at address@hidden, on the
Wiki, or on the mailing list.


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> Sent: 2003 September 22 6:43 PM
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> Subject: [xougen] FAQ and Wiki
> http://www.xouvert.org/faq.html#2.7
> > 2.7) I want an X type system but for sound, are you going 
> to do that?
> > 
> > Well that is an interesting idea, but I don't think we are. 
> Have you 
> > looked at project "Y"? We don't have a link, so if you could supply 
> > our FAQ maintainer with one that would be great.

"There is already such a project. It's called MAS, Media Application
Server, and its homepage is at http://www.mediaapplicationserver.net/";

The FAQ says, "If you have some information that you think should be in
the FAQ, a question, or if you have found an error, please write it up
on our WIKI...."

(Spelling police note: Wiki is not an acronym. That aside...)

Email is much quicker unless you already have a Wiki account. If there
was an email link, this could have been in the FAQ a week ago.

The Wiki page linked in the quote above is a front page and doesn't seem
appropriate for dumping FAQ submissions nor does it indicate where FAQ
submissions should go.

TikiWiki only marginally works for me due to its excessive use of
JavaScript. Its considerable use of CSS formatting and massive array of
unneeded features further this beyond my tolerance.

For these reasons, TikiWiki places high entry barriers which is excatly
what the Xouvert project is trying to get away from, if I understand
correctly. IMO, you need a simpler, more Wiki like, Wiki. 

Seth W. Klein
address@hidden                         http://www.sethwklein.net/

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