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[xougen] freedesktop.org - Hosting for future Cygwin/X development

From: Harold L Hunt II
Subject: [xougen] freedesktop.org - Hosting for future Cygwin/X development
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 12:38:25 -0500
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I have been talking a lot to the developers at freedesktop.org:


On their Software page, you will see that they have a new tree with most useful X libs and the kdrive X Server:


The DRI project has also moved their source to the freedesktop.org project:


As some of you may know, Keith Packard has moved most of his development there, including fontconfig, which redirects to freedesktop.org now:


FreeType development is also hosted there, but the page is still on SourceForge.

I am now maintaining stand-alone freetype2 and fontconfig packages for Cygwin (for unrelated reasons, but it did turn out to be serendipitous). Because of this, I will be required to submit upstream patches to wherever those packages are being developed (freedesktop.org).

I am also going to be packaging up other stand-alone libraries that are currently part of our monolithic distribution. Most of these libraries are developed on freedesktop.org (Xft, Xrender, etc.).

I have also been working on fixing the clipboard integration support to not require stealing ownership of the current selection, but this support requires the Xfixes extension. Guess what? Keith Packard created and maintains the Xfixes extension and it is developed at, you guessed it, freedesktop.org. :)

I am interested in the work going on in the xlibs and xserver repositories, which are an autotooled build of most X libs and the X Server. I was able to build all but Xft from CVS (need a newer version of FontConfig to build the latest Xft) using static libs, but it should be easy to get shared libs built again by adding -no-undefined flags. I am very interested in pursuing this modern build system. We won't use it immediately, but we could probably do a distribution from it in three to six months.

In the interest of getting moving as quickly as possible, I want to setup an old-style xc repository somewhere, based off an import of the XFree86.org CVS tree. I have talked with the people at freedesktop.org and they are interested in hosting this. It is also a tree that could be shared by other developers needing an old-style xc tree. Perhaps some people will be interested in tracking XFree86.org patches in this tree, or committing patches that XFree86.org ignores.

I appreciate the offer from Xouvert for hosting a repository for us. However, there are an overwhelming number of reasons to setup on freedesktop.org, and using Xouvert as our main repository would require that we track freedesktop.org's development, which isn't something I have the time to do. I really want to keep all of the development at one place so that I can get our developers access to one tree and be done with it. Hosting at Xouvert would still require that at least I maintain access to freedesktop.org, if only to send up platform-specific patches.

In light of all of these points, I am making the decision to host ongoing Cygwin/X development at freedesktop.org. It seems like the best fit for the project at this time.

Next Steps
1) Keep the project web page and mailing list at cygwin.com. We are a Cygwin port and a Cygwin app. There is no reason to move our web page or mailing list.

2) Import the XFree86.org CVS tree into a repository on freedesktop.org. I would appreciate help on this, but I could get to it within a few weeks if it hasn't been done by then.

3) Get Cygwin/X developers accounts on freedesktop.org (I would like Kensuke Matsuzaki and Alexander Gottwald, at a minimum, to have accounts). I would like them to commit their patches directly so that I don't hold up their development. As long as the tree builds, I can make then make quick releases of their work.

4) Update the Cygwin/X documentation and web site to point to the new CVS repository.

Thanks to all of those that publicly and privately offered us hosting/bandwidth/rack space for the project.

Thanks for your time and understanding,


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