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[XWEM]: Re: Adding things to xwem-tray

From: Steve Youngs
Subject: [XWEM]: Re: Adding things to xwem-tray
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 17:02:16 +1000
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* Zajcev Evgeny <address@hidden> writes:

  > Steve Youngs <address@hidden> writes:
  >> I've been looking at my screen wondering "what's missing?"... The date!


  > I think date support can be added to xwem-time, customizable variable
  > like `display-time-day-and-date'.

Nope, that doesn't work. :-(

But this does...

;; Display the date in the bottom right of screen using OSD
(require 'xwem-osd)
(copy-face 'default 'sy-osd-face)
(set-face-foreground 'sy-osd-face "cyan")

(defun sy-show-date-osd ()
  (let* ((fromleft 830)
         (fromtop 740)
         (face `sy-osd-face)
         (text (format-time-string "%a, %b%e")))
    (setq sy-osd (xwem-osd-create (xwem-dpy) fromleft fromtop 400 200))
    (xwem-osd-set-color sy-osd (face-foreground-name face))
    (xwem-osd-set-font sy-osd (face-font-name face))
    (xwem-osd-text sy-osd text)
    (xwem-osd-show sy-osd)))

(defun sy-hide-date-osd ()
  (xwem-osd-hide sy-osd))

(defun sy-update-osd-date-maybe ()
  (let* ((now (decode-time))
         (cur-hour (nth 2 now))
         (cur-min (nth 1 now))
         (cur-comp-time (+ (* cur-hour 60) cur-min)))
    (when (= 0 cur-comp-time)

(add-hook 'xwem-after-init-hook 'sy-show-date-osd)

(start-itimer "sy-osd-date-itimer"
              60 60)

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