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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Aquamacs Maverik, auctex, problems, preview, xdvi, pd

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Aquamacs Maverik, auctex, problems, preview, xdvi, pdf viewer inverse search
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 17:13:45 +0200
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   > Hi Uwe,
   > 2014-07-15 14:11 GMT+02:00 Uwe Brauer <address@hidden>:

   > TeX Live, MiKTeX, MacTeX are TeX distributions, instead TeXShop,
   > Texmaker, TeXworks (and Emacs, of course!) are editors.
Ok, I usually install on a mac, MacPorts and then texlive but the laptop
in question has alreay a LaTeX installation which I don't know, the
binaries are in /usr/texbin/latex and I don't want to mess with two
LaTeX installations. Both emacs 24 I am trying out find the LaTeX
binaires. I wish I could stick to one of them but both have benefits and


I am currently trying out 

    -  Aquamacs which ships auctex (11.87)

    -  And emacs modified

   > Never seen before, sorry, cannot help without further information.

Emacs modified seems to work with preview so this is a aqumacs problem.

   > Correlate mode only tells AUCTeX to compile with SyncTeX/source
   > specials support, but then you have to tell the viewer the selected
   > line.  Which are the viewers in use?  Check the variable
   > `TeX-view-program-selection' and `TeX-view-program-list' or
   > `TeX-view-program-list-builtin'.  For example, the built-in "xdg-open"
   > specification does nothing to tell the viewer which is the selected
   > line.

   > Are you referring to

   >   (add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook 'LaTeX-install-toolbar)
   >   (add-to-list 'TeX-bar-LaTeX-buttons
   >                'latex-symbols-experimental t)

This is a real nightmare: 
I might omit most of what I write now, since I got it to work but it is
odd anyhow.

    - 1.: aquamacs ignores this line, no symbol toolbar appears.
      I have really to run eval-last-sexp turn on and off LaTeX
      mode and it works, 

    - Emacs-modfies: complains when I put this lines in my init
      file and seems not to have auctex included. I then install
      auctex via elpa and again the same problem, then I delete
      these lines in my .emacs and restart emacs-modifies and
      auctex is *there*.

I move the .emacs.d directory, restart emacs-modified 
auctex works since it is in 


Any how I menage to get the toolbar work but to my disappointment I only
see the symbol Sigma and some sub entries I though I could see really
some images of these symbols. I attach a screenshot.

In any case the most important issue is to make inverse and forward
search work say using pdflatex.

In auquamacs I got skim to work, and forward search to work, I changes
the preferences of skim to include emacsclient but then it seems I tried
all combinations of mouse and shift/control/cmd(apple) I can think of
and it does not work. So it seems that skym does not know where are the
emacslient binaries for aquamacs.

Although skim seems to have aquamacs preconfigured I explicitly set them to 

But again whatever button I press the inverse search does not work.

   > ?  It seems you requested it (almost!) exactly one year ago:
   > :-)
oh memory!!!!! Sorry.


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