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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] my patch? Examn (bidi in preparation)

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] my patch? Examn (bidi in preparation)
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 23:33:41 +0200
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Mosè Giordano <address@hidden> writes:

> 2016-08-28 23:15 GMT+02:00 Uwe Brauer <address@hidden>:
>>>>> "Mosè" == Mosè Giordano <address@hidden> writes:
>>     > Hi Uwe,
>>     > 2016-08-22 21:20 GMT+02:00 Uwe Brauer <address@hidden>:
>>     >> Hi
>>     >>
>>     >> I presume the copyright issue is now solved. What is my patch
>>     >> for examn?
>>     > I check almost daily, but your name doesn't appear in the list of
>>     > people who assigned the copyright for Emacs or AUCTeX.
>> Thanks, do I have access to this list also?
> No.

Somewhat more explicit: this list contains contact and other personal
details of all GNU contributors with copyright assignments.  That list
could be exploited for annoying purposes in the wrong hands.  So it is
not publicized but only available to GNU maintainers.  This may seem
like an inconvenience to you right now, but it also means that your own
address, birth date and other information pertinent to the copyright
assignment is not publicly available.

Of course, the circle of GNU maintainers is not exactly small, but
decidedly smaller than that of all GNU contributors, and many of those
maintainers are so because of being in a position of trust by several
others working on GNU.  It's a reasonable compromise.

David Kastrup

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