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Re: [] Are these services free or proprietary?

From: Eric Wong
Subject: Re: [] Are these services free or proprietary?
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 18:32:19 +0000

Danyl Strype <address@hidden> wrote:
> Kia ora koutou
> I'm supporting a cooperative developing online decision-making
> software under the AGPL. They recently released a new privacy policy
> for their hosted service, including this list of external
> dependencies:
> Now obviously Amazon and Bing are proprietary and undesirable in every
> way. What about the other companies on the list? If Loomio aspires to
> be a free network service, and I think they do, what packages or
> services could they swap in?

MogileFS is a great alternative to S3.  It's old, but proven by folks
who have been using it for years.

The mailing list, site/wiki and bug-trackers are unfortunately hosted on
a non-Free service, but they accept patches/pulls on the mailing list.
There's no CLA requirement for contributions, either :)

Disclaimer: I have become a major contributor to MogileFS in recent
years, but have never had any affiliation with any (now-defunct?)
companies which formed it.  I also maintain the Ruby client library
and wrote an alternative, easy-to-install storage daemon (cmogstored).

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