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[Bug-aris] file dialog makes aris crash on Windows 10

From: Kovács Zoltán
Subject: [Bug-aris] file dialog makes aris crash on Windows 10
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 10:26:54 +0200


I am new to aris but it seems to be very useful in teaching logic for first year undergraduate students. I managed to install it on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 after re-running autoconf and also to run it. The usage was not straightforward first, but after reading the documentation everything is clear---I needed about an hour to make my first non-trivial example work.

Now I am preparing for my next lecture and I'd like to check if everything works also on Windows, before asking students to try the software on their own. More or less yes, things work properly, but I cannot open or save any files. I get the following error message:


And after then, aris exits.

Also, it would be nice to enable simple copy-paste operations (CTRL-C, CTRL-V), but I think I can contribute some code to do that soon.

Kind regards,

Zoltán KOVÁCS, assistant professor
The Private University College of the Diocese of Linz, Austria

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