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[Bug-songanizer] Re: Graphic/Other Designer wanted for GNU Songanizer

From: Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray
Subject: [Bug-songanizer] Re: Graphic/Other Designer wanted for GNU Songanizer
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 11:52:12 +0530

I really like the idea of songanizer. I was looking for such kind of

That is nice to know.

2:If i want files should be arranged on the basis of initial letters.Then
the directory _initial is generated on the directory previous to basedir
    e.g if i give songanizer -I /home/anish/Songs
        Then the _initial directory is created at /home/anish/Songs/_initial

That is right.

1:If i run the script at the first time.And i changed some attributes of the
songs then another time i run the script,it is not reflected in the
directory structure.This is due to we are moving entire dir.I think instead
of moving entire dir we should move individual files.

I did not clearly understand this part. If you modify the contents
and/or attributes of songs in the _data directory, then you need to
again run the script with the necessary parameters to re-songanize the
whole collection. This is not a very effcient thing to do, and we are
working on a solution for it. Can you elaborate on the solution you
are proposing?

2: I face problems when i run songanizer such as

    songanizer -I /home/anish/Marathi/Agga\ Bai\ Arracha/

    Its giving me following error

line 221: [: too many arguments

    Error songanizer: invalid or no data directory /home/anish/Marathi/Agga

        To remove this error i put "" inside the -d condition

Please find modified songanizer as an attachment.

I modified it for -I option only. I will modified it for other options as

Thanks for catching this. Can you provide me a 'diff -urNp' of the two
versions? If you have issues in using diff just let me know so that I
can help you?

Happy hacking,
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