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[Bug-songanizer] Re: Graphic/Other Designer wanted for GNU Songanizer

From: anish patil
Subject: [Bug-songanizer] Re: Graphic/Other Designer wanted for GNU Songanizer
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 12:57:38 +0530

>The idea was to have all the views (_initial, _date, etc.) and the
>actual files (_data) in sub-directories lying under the same 'song'
>directory. But if you do not want to move the entire song collection,
>you can consider renaming it to have _data as a prefix. eg.,

I think u can give both the solutions .If you  looked into diff files,you will get it what i mean to say.
e.g usr can specify in following manner
     songanizer -I "-songs path" or "_data"

>If you want to have a feature where the user is able to change the
>default, and specify his own custom paths, then you are welcome to
>implement it. :-)

I already implemented it :)

Thanks  and Regards,

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