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[Bug-songanizer] Re: Graphic/Other Designer wanted for GNU Songanizer

From: anish patil
Subject: [Bug-songanizer] Re: Graphic/Other Designer wanted for GNU Songanizer
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 11:03:52 +0530

sorry for the late reply.

> 1:If i run the script at the first time.And i changed some attributes of the
> songs then another time i run the script,it is not reflected in the
> directory structure.This is due to we are moving entire dir.I think instead
> of moving entire dir we should move individual files.

>I did not clearly understand this part. If you modify the contents
>and/or attributes of songs in the _data directory, then you need to
>again run the script with the necessary parameters to re-songanize the
>whole collection. This is not a very effcient thing to do, and we are
>working on a solution for it. Can you elaborate on the solution you
>are proposing?
I am talking about some different problem.The problem is if the attributes of song has been changed then it is not get reflected in _initial folder though i run songanizer again.
e.g If the song "kabhi to nazar milao" , I renamed it as "adnan-Kabhi to" and again i run the songanizer script then it is not get reflected in _initial directory.
The same case happens with all the attributes.
This is because we are moving entire directory to _initial.So to fix  this problem instead of moving entire directory i moved individual files in that directory.
> Please find modified songanizer as an attachment.
> I modified it for -I option only. I will modified it for other options as
> well.

>Thanks for catching this. Can you provide me a 'diff -urNp' of the two
>versions? If you have issues in using diff just let me know so that I
>can help you?

One more thing I am not able to understand why i have to create _data directory because I have to move my entire song collection to that directory. Same thing for _initial directory it is created in one more level upper than _data directory but I think usr has got choice to specify  the location of _initial directory.
Please find attached songanizer script ,diif version and changelog.

Thanks and Regards,

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