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[Cfengine-develop] caching checksums with cfservd

From: Luke A. Kanies
Subject: [Cfengine-develop] caching checksums with cfservd
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 21:34:07 -0500 (CDT)


I'm getting to the point where I'm doing a lot of data transfer with cfservd, and I'd like to stop having cfservd force a checksum on every file transfer (as seen in cfservd.c where ChecksumChanged is passed 'true' as the value of 'refresh').

Would there be some problem if I made this change? I know that I would need some kind of aging mechanism, but even if I could cache sums for five minutes I would see a performance benefit, because I'm looking at having hundreds of machines connect and get checksums for hundreds of files, possible up to hundreds of MB of data, and in the space of about half an hour. If I could cache those sums, I would be much much much happier.

Any idea how hard it would be to make this work? Maybe force a stat if we're running inside cfservd, and only force a sum if the stat shows a difference?


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