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Re: [Chicken-hackers] [PATCH] [5] Let's get rid of ##sys#fudge

From: Peter Bex
Subject: Re: [Chicken-hackers] [PATCH] [5] Let's get rid of ##sys#fudge
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 08:34:03 +0200
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On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 05:38:03PM +1300, Evan Hanson wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Wow, thanks for doing this. It looks like it was quite a bit of work,
> and I'm all for it. Pushed.

Thanks for taking a look!

> One thing that's now inaccessible but *might* be worth reexposing is the
> binary version. For example, salmonella currently uses it to set up a
> custom repository extension path, and I've used a similar trick in the
> Heroku deploy scripts. I'm not sure this is good practice, however. I've
> opened a merge request for salmonella to address this so that it will
> continue to work with chicken-5, but I'm happy to discuss other options.

I think a simpler fix is to use (foreign-value "C_BINARY_VERSION"), like
I did in the changes for chicken-install.

But yeah, we might want to consider exposing the three version thingies
(major, minor, binary) as procedures or constants from Scheme as well.

> On 2016-10-14 22:24, Peter Bex wrote:
> > I noticed that the srfi-18 egg is using (##sys#fudge 12).  This can be
> > replaced with (##core#inline "C_i_tty_forcedp()") instead, now.
> Done.



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