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[Chicken-hackers] chicken 5 / -debug-info / exceptions (missing imports)

From: Martin Schneeweis
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] chicken 5 / -debug-info / exceptions (missing imports)
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 16:07:48 +0200


just a basic question: is it expected behaviour that applications
compiled with "-debug-info" do not show exceptions (to be more
precise: exceptions that are caused by missing imports)?

If no, I will file a bug.

See the attached file for a simple example ("(import (chicken fixnum))"
is missing)

  > csc less-than-5.scm   # compiles OK
  > ./less-than-5
  Exception: Error: unbound variable: fx<
  > csc -debug-info less-than-5.scm  # compiles OK
  > ./less-than-5   # no output

  > csc -version

  (c) 2008-2018, The CHICKEN Team
  (c) 2000-2007, Felix L. Winkelmann
  Version 5.0.0 (rev 317dbeaa)        <== 2018-06-28 09:00:23
  linux-unix-gnu-x86-64 [ 64bit dload ptables ]


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