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[Chicken-hackers] basic question regarding interfaces

From: Martin Schneeweis
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] basic question regarding interfaces
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2018 09:24:41 +0200


please just answer "yes, that's normal" or "don't believe" (or "changed
with chicken 5) - if you don't believe I will make further tests before
wasting your time.

Two things I found playing with interfaces (and (a) seems a little
strange) - (just tested with chicken 4.13):

a) If there are additional exports they have to be declared *before*
   the use of "interface:" in the export-clause:

     (define-interface iface-a (export something-a))

   This works:

     (module test-iface (
       another-thing-a another-thing-b
       (interface: iface-a))              ; end of export-clause

   This does not work:

     (module test-iface (
       (interface: iface-a)
       another-thing-a another-thing-b)   ; end of export-clause

b) Just one interface supported in export-clause:

   Suppose I have 2 interface-definitions "iface-a" "iface-b" 

     (define-interface iface-a (export something-a))
     (define-interface iface-b (export something-b))

   There is no way to use both interfaces in an export-clause
   This does not work:

     (module test-ifaces (
       (interface: iface-a)
       (interface: iface-b))             ; end of export-clause


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