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Re: [circle] p2p auctions

From: darkblood
Subject: Re: [circle] p2p auctions
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:22:46 -0700 (PDT)

Web of trust is almost ideally suited to reputation management.  Circle
implements it for gossip, but I'd love to be able to manage multiple trust
levels for each peer.  Say I trust quag's gossip x%, his file shares not
to be mislabeled y%, his auctions to be valid z%, his payment for
purchases some other amount, maybe even his musical taste.... 

Maybe we need an API for attaching new protocols to the DHT,
something that lets the author of the subprotocol define what they
are publishing, what data is transferred, what trust metrics will
be used etc.  Some trust metrics would be shared between protocols,
and others would not.  You could even use trust to create channels
with varying levels of privacy, or configure what shared files are
shown to what users, etc.  Eventually this could be used to keep
censorship out of circle. (Pssst: Don't trust the Men in
Black!!  They hate aliens and peaceful coders!) Then again its been so
long since I've been active, maybe we already such things.

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, thomasV wrote:

> I found several places on the net where the idea of p2p auctions
> is presented. However, it seems that it was not implemented so far.
> A DHT is ideal for advertising an auction using keywords.
> In practice, the auction would take place on the seller's computer,
> which should remain online during the auction (ok, this is
> constraining, but it simplifies things a lot)
> There are lots of issues, such as fake bids, reputation management,
> etc... I do not know if it is possible to solve them. OTOH, these issues
> are not really solved in the ebay system, but this does not prevent it
> from working.
> What do you guys think?

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